Copywriting is an ever-changing industry. User behaviour can change in the blink of an eye, and copywriters should thrive off these changes to improve upon their work. Yet, some sites online still rely on marketing and writing strategies that worked 30 years ago.

Keeping up with the latest trends is…

Trending topics are a vital tool when it comes to creating content that is up to date, ever-intriguing, and informative to your audience. As a copywriter, making use of a currently popular topic is a powerful key to success when it comes to creating content relevant, and including essential keywords…

We have all been there — transformed into the ultimate couch potato for hours on end watching that new documentary just released on Netflix (Tiger King anyone?).

Netflix eventually decides to give you that shameful “are you still there?” reminder and you realise how much time has passed. …

Sammy Hill

A writer and introvert who loves games, books, cats, and true crime.

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